Managing Stress And Being Calm

Posted on April 2, 2020

A few ideas to get through the tough times

Let’s share some ideas on what positive things we can focus on when isolation causes more than a few concerns.

We are all in this together and that’s very important, it’s a WE not a YOU or Me. Our fortitude to get to the other side of our current health crisis is by keeping a clear head, communicating and staying healthy.

  • Engage in regular daily calls or face time with friends and family
  • Identify through your network people or groups who you trust and can take counsel during tough times
  • Set your daily schedule, start with your exercise routine and watch the 6 packs emerge
  • Embrace something different and diverse, this is a time to find a new interest
  • Keep your body fed and enjoy some special treat times
  • Update things like your CV or tidy up your PC messy desktop
  • Garage clean up time – there’s junk down there waiting to go to the tip (enjoy)
  • Get cooking… Surprise yourself with your new found baked beans on toast skill
  • Try to avoid chemicals to help you sleep…  Consider other options that are more akin to be natural
  • Worry will not solve the problem, write it down, look at it, does it make sense, can you change the words to be more positive, can you share with people for advice?
  • Centre yourself with meditation, deep breathe, celebrate your life and those around you.

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Recognize when your symptoms are not improving or getting worse, it’s  very important for you to speak to your healthcare provider…

Stay safe and be healthy