Got A Raspy Cough Or Sore Throat

Posted on April 28, 2020

Some herbal ideas to help relieve symptoms

The cough reflex is very interesting, it involves the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and smooth muscles of the bronchial tree. Not that knowing all of this will help much other than the understanding that coughing is not generally caused exclusively by a throat tickle.

The overall cause of the cough reflex is stimulation of receptors in what is known as the Vagus Nerve. In fact, when you cough, the velocity of air generated by the diaphragm results in air being expelled at around 950km /hour. That is truly amazing… !!

The diagram below illustrates the cough phases…

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Overcoming the need to cough can be achieved through symptomatic agents such as over the counter cough medicines available from your pharmacist or stronger prescription medications from your GP.

You may also choose a herbal medicine or remedy which contains either single herbs or a complex of herbal ingredients in a liquid base. Marshmallow is a traditional herb that has been used to help relieve symptoms of mild chest and throat complaints and as a demulcent to help soothe upper tract irritations.

Another option is a combination of herbal ingredients such as horehound, Liquorice root, sage, thyme and ginger root all contained in a pleasant tasting base. These liquid medicines and remedies go to work fast since they are already in a liquid form and uptake by the body very quick.

When symptoms persist or becomes worse, it’s very important to speak to your healthcare provider to ensure there are no other complications.

Be safe and stay healthy