Social Isolation – Time To Focus On Things That Keep You Happy

Posted on April 2, 2020

It’s certainly a new world and it has become clear that social isolation is the best course of action if we are to manage and control the spread of virus infections. We need to be aware that our health system is under immense pressure and stress to keep our population healthy and robust to battle this unwelcome invader.

Before we address the psychosocial impact of isolation, let’s remind ourselves of the basics which everyone should be aware of

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
  • A humidifier is a great thing to have and some studies show that low humidity can increase the spread of viruses
  • You don’t need to be OCD with disinfecting surfaces however; keep a spray bottle handy and wipe down bench tops and other surfaces on a regular basis
  • You’re isolated but that doesn’t mean you are in solitary confinement, get outside and breathe the air (in safe areas)
  • Focus on the basics, good food, low alcohol intake, moderate activity and general awareness of your feelings and mood.

Are you OK?

How many times have you pretended to be a gladiator when inside things seem to be crumbling? You say it, we say it, there’s always someone worse off however; our mind has its own way of ruminating and allowing some of the less pleasant things to become daily reminders of troubles that seem to repeat on a constant basis.

For some people, speaking openly about their inner turmoil is extremely difficult and it’s so important that opening up on any difficult topic is done with people you feel comfortable with.

It may be that you’ve never experienced this problem before, and you find it embarrassing to raise problems for fear of being ridiculed.

It’s OK to say you are not OK… You have a support network larger than you think. There are also professionals who can guide you through this phase of difficulty and whom are experts in providing strategies that allow you to keep a clear and focused approach to management of your concerns.

Some things to explore while we deal with this health challenge.

  • Confide in your closest friends to help you and you can possibly help them
  • Meditation.. try to set a time for your mindful period and break the habit of negative thoughts
  • Lower your caffeine intake, try herbal remedies and medicines which offer a natural approach to calmness.. Chamomile is great as a calmative.
  • Get your favourite music list together and enjoy each tune, great for lowering stress levels
  • Be active and check out what you can do for less fortunate people
  • Speak to friends and family..
  • Jot down the things that bother you and then write positive ways to counter these thoughts
  • Bake some cakes.. share them with friends and family
  • Always ask for Help… don’t let things overwhelm you…

You got this, you have the intestinal fortitude to manage any challenge put before you, you have the intellect to understand that fear, anxiety and dark thoughts will pass once you embrace them and deal with them.

It’s been good to chat… Albeit it’s kind of one way but you get what we mean, and we do hope that things improve for you.

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Always speak to a healthcare provider if symptoms persist or conditions worsen.