Stop Me Coughing

Posted on March 20, 2020

Some Strategies To Help With A Nagging Or Difficult Cough

You know the feeling, it starts with a tickly throat and then an urge to cough and then it heads into a downward spiral from there on..

For those out there who want to see how the cough cycle operates, see the image below.

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It looks quite complex however, the cough urge is stimulated by the brain as means of alleviating irritation and at times the stimulation can be ongoing; particularly at night.

Other causes of cough can include mucus which drips down the throat and prevents breathing, initiating a cough. Postnasal drip is often a symptom of colds, sinus infections, flu and allergies. … Environmental factors: Exposure to environmental irritants such as pollen, dust, particulate matter, chemicals and pet dander can also cause cough.

Some Ideas To Help Relieve Cough

  1. Use cough drops or hard candy, simply sucking on a lozenge aids in throat relief and reduces the urge to cough
  2. Try a teaspoon of honey, find a decent organic EMF honey and slowly consume so the honey can lubricate and treat the site of the cough
  3. Drink up, get hydrated, drink loads of water or herbal teas
  4. Heat up that drink, not to hot but just warm it so as not to irritate the throat
  5. Use cough medicine, use cough medicines sparingly too much is not good and can leave you feeling a little nauseous
  6. Herbal Medicines and Remedies, natures first aid kit is available with a selection of wonderful therapeutic herbs all available in pleasant tasting herbal elixirs.
  7. Use a decongestant, when coughing is a constant, ask your pharmacist for advice on an effective decongestant
  8. Breathe in steam… open up the airways using good old steam….

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If symptoms persist or your condition worsens always speak to your healthcare provider.