Sniff, Sneeze, Achooooo

Posted on October 12, 2020

How do you know if you have Hay Fever??…

Here is the 5 second test

  • Runny nose?
  • Itchy eyes?
  • Sneezing?
  • Blocked nose?

If you have answered in the affirmative to any of the above, you could well be suffering mild hay fever symptoms

And what might be causing you to have these symptoms?

Let’s take a look at some common causes that may be contributing to your hay fever.

  • Dust Mites – Nasty little creatures that hang about in dusty locations or live happily in your carpet.
  • Grass and pollen – as spring arrives, you are certainly going to be affected by the air being full of pollen and grass spores…
  • Minksy the cat – Pet hair is a real contributor to allergic reactions.

What’s the answer to dealing with Hay Fever symptoms… Firstly, the reason you have these unwanted symptoms is due to your immune system being over stimulated and doing its level best to fight off these intruders. Some of us just seem to have an immune system that won’t turn off..

Up to 30% of adults will suffer from the problem of Hay Fever and children are also vulnerable which is no fun at all.

Many of you will already be familiar with antihistamines which are drugs to relieve the symptoms but at times have some unwanted side effects.  Best thing to do is ask your friendly pharmacist for some advice on what over the counter meds you should take and how they will affect you during the day or night.

Can anything else help?

Natural health therapists are familiar with herbs such as Liquorice, thyme, echinacea and astragalus. These herbs are often contained in herbal medicines and remedies as a means to support the body in overcoming the problems and offering symptomatic relief. Do some research and check out how these herbs are used and what other things they do by way of assisting with inflammation and immune support.

You can also try to minimize exposure to those things which irritate your nose and eyes such as monitoring pollen count, getting down and seriously vacuuming the house and possibly inviting a few of your friends to babysit the cat for a week or so..

If symptoms worsen or simply don’t respond to any form of treatment, speak to your healthcare provider immediately.

Be safe and stay healthy