Australian Made, It Makes A Lot Of Sense

Posted on October 15, 2020

I love Honey in fact, lashings of this golden nectar on hot crumpets during cold winter mornings gets me out from under the Duvet. Strange way to start a piece on Aussie Made however; let me expand on the Honey bit for a moment. To me, Honey is a pure form of energy provided by the wonders of nature. What it isn’t, is a chemical compound made in a factory that uses artificial flavour elements to replicate the taste of honey; Sadly, I found this out the hard way following a very informative documentary uncovering the scam of how some of our current products are not entirely what they say is on the label.

I’ve since become almost evangelical in my honey purchasing habits. Aussie beekeepers who make genuine organic Australian Honey are my first port of call. They are true champions of their trade and provide us with   guarantees that what we are consuming comes from those stunning little Bees that manufacture an amazing by-product of their botanical harvest.

Simply speaking, I feel enormously satisfied and rewarded that my choice and behavior is reflected in what many of my country folk are now undertaking.  The critical element of trust in your product or service of choice and the people responsible for making these items are fast outweighing “Buy Cheap”. Being able to speak to the people who take time and care to bring Australian made goods and services to market is something we can’t live without.

Most recently, we have been impacted as a population from Fire, Floods & Viruses. These challenges showed something very interesting by way of shop shelves. Did you notice how empty they were? did you notice how even the most common items were out of stock. This is telling of our reliance on overseas manufacturers which for many, is somewhat depressing.

Disasters of any form tend to bring out (in most cases) the best qualities instilled in what is uniquely called the Australian Spirit. I overheard a comment at a Woolies check out where a gentleman was waiting in line dutifully observing 1.5 metre social distance and in his hand,  he held 2 cloves of garlic. It wasn’t what he was holding that sparked my interest but what he said to the young lady cashier on presenting his item for purchase his words to the cashier were “hey, you have a wonderful day and please say thanks to the management for selling Australian Grown garlic”. A surprising few words but no doubt very meaningful to people like me and to hopefully the buyers of produce for the company.

What shapes a company and its people are shared values which have meaning both in a company and private sense. Unless we adopt principles that are supportive of nurturing our Australian heritage, we may lose a connection that separates us from a generic world which wraps everything up in a brown paper bag.

Around 30 years ago, a small business was kicked off in Melbourne. Operating from an industrial complex, the business owner felt it was important to provide complementary natural health medicines and homeopathic’s to the community seeking other options for their specific health needs.

The focus (as it still is now) was to work with Australian herb farmers, Indigenous growers and local manufacturers to keep investment in Australia. The relationships prosper beyond simple supply scenario’s, we enjoy like-minded approaches to business support and looking after each other in tough times.

PPC Herbs has grown over 30 years of business development in Australia. A wholly owned and operated Australian family business that prides itself on Herbal Medicines and Remedies, Skin and Hair Care products and supplying a comprehensive range of Australian grown organic certified extracts and dry herb extracts to Herbalists and Naturopaths.

We are exceptionally proud of what we have achieved and what we provide for our fellow Australians.

If I return to the earlier part of this article regarding my love for Aussie Honey; our company sources this ingredient for some of our listed medicines as a tasting agent. We choose only Australian Honey and prefer to buy Australian Organic Certified products.

Immune Plex® as one of our most popular medicines has Australian Honey as an ingredient which compliments the Liquorice flavour of the formulation. Using Australian grown herbs which support a healthy immune function, Immune Plex® just like its cousins Cough Plex® and Sinus Plex® really do offer some health-giving natural options when the body needs support in health challenging times.

I’m delighted if you have taken time to read this far in the article, our wonderful colleagues at Complete Health Products are genuine in their endeavours to sponsor companies that bring Aussie Products to our tables as well as promoting the value of Australian Spirit.

So time for a break, hot cup of Tea and two crumpets in the toaster and cracking open my brand new 500grm Jar of Mudgee Honey… Thanks Mr. Beekeeper for really being an amazing asset to our country.

Buy Australian, It Makes A Lot Of Sense!!