Not Everything Tastes Like Medicine

Posted on April 2, 2020

Practical ways to mask medicine flavour

Mary Poppins might suggest a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down however; we think there are other healthier options which you can employ when the daily dose of your herbal medicine is ready to be taken or when it’s time to dose up the family.

Although we do our best to provide a flavour profile that helps mask the taste of our medicines and remedies, we don’t want to add to many ingredients which may influence the efficacy of our products

Here are a few ideas that have been shared by our friends and customers

  • Generally speaking, the doses of herbal medicines are quite small, and you can easily dilute with cold water
  • Some of our medicines are actually very nice to taste and you may simply take straight from the bottle. Try this before diluting with water
  • Cold juices are also an easy way to dilute the medicines and remedies.
  • We don’t recommend using milk products
  • For Herbanica Herbal Remedies, another great way to take these products is to add your dose to warm water and take as a refreshing herbal tea
  • You can also add your dose to your drinking bottle and carry with you for consumption over your day
  • For kids, you may add a small spoon of honey into the water of juice. We recommend an EMF Organic honey
  • Kids also don’t want to be confronted with a huge glass of water or juice with their medicine so be careful to keep the volume small and able to be consumed in a few gulps.

Persist with your approaches since it’s very important for you to be compliant as well as your family if you are to gain the complete benefits of your herbal medicines and remedies

Don’t forget to keep a close eye on any symptoms that are prolonged or appear to be getting worse; always speak to your healthcare provider if you aren’t seeing any improvements

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Stay safe and be healthy