Liver “La Vida Loca”

Posted on January 21, 2020

Immediately you want to start singing that amazing tune by Ricky Martin however; this article of stimulating information will take you off into another really interesting area of investigation that will amaze your friends and be the subject of your next coffee chat. (maybe).

La Vida Loca can be roughly translated from its Spanish roots to mean “the crazy life”. Many of us probably doubled up on doing way to much “Vida Loca” during Christmas and New Year which put extra pressure on our liver to filter out some of the excess consumed at abundant tables of food and drink.

While there are many over the counter remedies to aid in digestive support, bloating and relieving indigestion, we still need to consider repair and recuperation of our amazing detoxifying organ The Liver…

First of the amazing factoids that you need to know… The liver is the only visceral organ that possesses the capacity to regenerate; factoid number 2, The liver can regenerate after surgical removal of most of its mass or after chemical injury. And ,and ,and, it is known that as little as 25% of the original liver mass can regenerate back to its full size.

While this amazing organ is truly remarkable in its capacity to heal itself and regenerate, it’s also something that needs TLC to aid in the elimination of contaminants and toxic elements which challenge the health of our bodies.

Here’s where we Segway into something that connects some dots of liver health and application of nature’s medicine chest.

We all hear a lot about DETOX these days and many noted persons recommend Dandelion either root, leaves or whole flower. Those who have a horticultural bent will recognize dandelions as a pesky weed quite often overtaking lawns and gardens, but these little “pests” are actually filled with vitamins and minerals supporting its application as a very useful herbal remedy.

Dandelion plants fall into a category known as “bitter”; possessing all the benefits of bitter herbs such as priming digestive function for persons who have gone back for thirds and fourths at the Christmas lunch table or for those who have poor digestion or bloating.

A naturopath in the USA Dr Michael Brown quoted that “Dandelion is a great botanical for liver and kidney support. It not only enhances the liver’s metabolic and detoxification ability, but it is also protective to the kidney’s and is an outstanding natural medicine diuretic”.

Like many herbs, research on use and therapeutic outcomes is scarce however, a 2019 study published in Food and Chemical Toxicity discovered new compounds in dandelion root along with over 100 existing phytochemicals already present in the herb.

Dr Donese Worden another notable naturopathic doctor cited a further research program where in animal models, Dandelion was shown to protect cells in the liver and testicular tissues when used prior to radiation procedures.

Dr Woden hypothesizes that “Dandelion root may have some protective value against UVB photoaging as well as combating obesity, diabetes and some cancers”.

Overall, we have one very strong and interesting herb that seems to have remarkable qualities beyond overtaking your garden.

How should you take Dandelion.. ??

Traditionally, the root was roasted and steeped in water to be consumed as a beverage while the leaves were used in salads and soups. Today, we still consume dandelion in a similar fashion but, the arrival of potent extracts and medicines have changed our appreciation of this wonderful herb.

What’s out there as a safe and effective liver support remedy/medicine

When searching for an organic certified remedy, check out DANDETOX®. This product is an Australian made remedy which comes from an organic certified farm in Tasmania. A complete single pure herbal extract that is pleasant tasting and as a liquid, goes to work rapidly

You might also want to try a wonderful herbal medicine called Liver Plex®. The manufacturers of this complex of herbal goodness are also the same folk who manufacture Dandetox®.

Liver Plex® is simply a master class of herbal ingredients which also includes Dandelion. There is an amazing amount of traditional history for each ingredient in Liver Plex®. It’s a fantastic tonic that supports your liver and digestive function while relieving indigestion and flatulence.

Choosing between Liver Plex® and Dandetox® is easy, if you want to focus on an acute treatment for liver health go for Dandetox® and after things settle down, introduce Liver Plex® on a frequent basis to support your Liver’s recovery and recuperation process.

Now many of you who want the quick click of the finger fix need to be aware of something, damage to your liver happens over time and you need to apply the same thinking to recovery and repair. If it was an overnight “yeeeha, I’m cured” then that’s not going to happen. You must apply a patient approach to healing, eliminate some obvious things that unsettle your metabolism, take a break from alcohol and indulge in some light activity while your body begins to fire on all 8 cylinders again.

Ricky’s lyrics speak of taking your clothes off and dancing in the rain and while Dandelion is a great therapy to liver health which will boost your appreciation of a happier healthy life, so far, we are yet to see clinical studies where people who use Dandelion have an affinity for dancing naked in the rain.

Take care of your amazing self and share your life gift with friends, family and nature.

(Always speak to your healthcare provider when symptoms worsen or persist)