Feeling the burn? Yeast infections are no fun…

Posted on January 21, 2020

Ok, you have come to the right place for some advice on dealing with a frustrating condition that has decided to upset your busy lifestyle..

Let’s first of all ease your possible anxious thought that your newly acquired or recurring yeast infection is an STD; Nope, it’s not and quite frankly it is very common.  If you take a quick search on Yeast and Candida infection from numerous medical sites, you will see that many ladies suffer this problem; data on the infection suggests that it is more common in younger females.

Most of the medicos will explain that the problem is an overgrowth of a bug called Candida albicans. Actually, both males and females are born with this particular organism however; its only when there is an overgrowth in females that problems arise.

First thing that you might like to do (if this is your first bout of infection) is to take a visit to your friendly healthcare provider and talk through your treatment options. Most treatment will be either creams or pessaries or a combination of both or an oral treatment. Always depends on the severity of the infection.

Treatments are also available over the counter at your pharmacy, always a good idea to speak to your pharmacist before embarking on self-treatment.

How about other options?.. Well, there is an Australian made herbal medicine called Canda Plex® which assists the body in dealing with the problem. A traditional herbal approach that is taken orally and also supports dyspepsia, bloating and dry skin.

As with all newly emerging health conditions, get on to dealing with these issues fast to avoid any unnecessary complications. Speak to your health care provider if things worsen or symptoms persist

You can find out more information on Canda Plex® by visiting  www.ppcherbs.com.au

Let’s help you help yourself to a more enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle.

Canda Plex® A listed herbal medicine proudly made in Australia