Immune Boosting – Stay Healthy

Posted on February 3, 2020

An unhealthy lifestyle is certainly one way to challenge your immune system but fear not ,there are a number of ways to help your immune system through some simple changes to your  daily routine. Let’s look at some ways to change the Bad to the Good.Not getting enough sleep or rest?

You may open yourself up to colds and flu if you miss out on restful sleep. Studies have shown that well rested people who received a flu vaccine tended to develop stronger protection against illness. Not enough sleep can also lead to higher levels of stress hormone and inflammation in the body. While we aren’t sure just why sleep is so important, usually 7 to 9 hours per night is a good starting point.

Don’t feel like exercise?

Yes, it’s one of those “I just don’t feel like it” activities however; even something as simple as a 30 minute walk can turbo charge your immune system to fight infection. Studies have shown that people who don’t exercise tend to catch more colds. Another great side benefit of exercise is the production of feel good chemicals in your body which also help you sleep better

How’s that diet going?

Consuming or drinking way to much sugary drinks will impact your immune system and leave you open to bacterial attacks. The effects of downing a few drinks which contain a high sugar level can actually stay in your system for some hours. Size up your consumption of delicious fresh fruits and veges; imagine the fantastic nutrients, vitamins and minerals you will take in which coincidently support your immune system’s ability to respond to bacterial and virus attacks.

Always stressed?

Everyone has stress, it’s part of life. You need to be aware of your stress levels and if they continue to give you discomfort have a chat to a health care professional. A few things you can do to alleviate your stress level is to;

                                                              i.      Meditate

                                                             ii.      Slow down

                                                           iii.      Speak to your friends and family

                                                           iv.      Work out and blow off steam

You don’t need to do all of these things but, add something daily into your lifestyle and see how well you respond. Just for your interest, people who meditated over an 8 week period made more antibodies to a flu vaccine than people who didn’t meditate.

  • Feeling isolated?
    1. You are never too busy not to connect with your friends. Make sure you continue to build strong relationships and expand that social network. People who feel connected have stronger immune systems. Scientific studies showed people who were lonely demonstrated weaker immune systems when exposed to flu vaccines. Although there are plenty of other things that challenge your health, making meaningful connections with people is always a great idea.
  • Don’t lose that amazing sense of humour
    1. Always said it, laughter is the best medicine. Feeling happy and having a good gut laugh curbs stress level hormones and boosts a particular white blood cell known for fighting infection. Even anticipating a funny event will have a positive effect on your immune system.

There you have it, some simple ways to boost your immune function and ward off things like colds and flu. You may even consider some herbal support. The use of echinacea  for immune system boosting is also available. Check out Immune Plex and Echinamune.. Both products are available from reputable health food stores and online.

Always watch your symptoms and speak to your healthcare provider if the condition does not improve.