Heavy period flow and natures alchemy

Posted on February 25, 2020

There is a rather interesting species of plant called Lady’s Mantle its botanical name being Alchemilla vulgaris. The name alchemilla is related to the word “alchemy”. It was thought in the past that the water droplets that formed on the leaves were the purest form of water and might turn base metals into gold. It was considered a magical plant – and still is.

Herbalists prescribe it for a variety of conditions. “Lady’s mantle” is a good description, for it is chiefly a herb for women. It is anti-inflammatory and astringent, and has properties that are good for regulating menstruation. It is often used in late pregnancy to help strengthen the uterus, usually prescribed as a tea made from the flowers (though consult a herbalist before you start downing it).

Anytime during a women’s reproductive life. It helps relieve mild aches and pains during menstruation, with a tea or tincture able to stop spotting between periods and lessening excessive menstrual bleeding (Soule, 1998). Lady’s mantle has astringent qualities so it is useful for loose stools, and shrinking sores in one’s mouth or skin (Hoffman, 2003). Lady’s mantle is also helpful for the menopausal years (Hoffman, 2003), easing those troubling symptoms due to its astringent and anti-inflammatory actions.

Lady’s Mantle is an ally for an array of menstrual ailments.  As mentioned above its astringent nature makes it helpful in stanching excessive menstrual flow in cases of menorrhagia, excessive menstrual flow and metrorrhagia, when menstrual bleeding happens at irregular times in between menstruation.   You could also think of this plant for other conditions that include excessive vaginal discharge like in yeast infections, vaginitis and other issues of discharge.  Lady’s Mantle can also be helpful in formulas for menstrual cramping when there is a dull achy pain caused by congestion, sometimes referred to as a “boggy” quality to the uterus.

Heavy period flow is tough to manage and when the condition becomes acute, there may be a need to engage a specialist who can offer a number of management or intervention options. There are also other approaches which can be adopted such as considering the use of a herbal remedy containing Lady’s Mantle.

While not a common herb found in health food stores, Lady’s Mantle can be obtained as a herbal liquid remedy where the herb has been grown in Australia and processed under certified organic standards. The remedy known as Herbanica ® Femulate is prepared from the herb as a fresh plant extract which as a consequence of the extraction process retains the full botanical profile of the plant.

Further information on this quite amazing herb can be found by visiting PPC Herbs web site www.ppcherbs.com.au

Heavy period flow can be the sign of other problems and we do recommend that you speak to your healthcare provider when symptoms persist of worsen.

Happy in health and wellbeing… PPC Herbs.