Trust in Australian Made

Posted on April 28, 2020

We are a proud nation that produces an enormous number of fantastic products across virtually all industry landscapes.

When we buy Australian made, we are encouraging others to look for products and services that represent quality, independence, highest levels of safety and looking out for our fellow Aussies.

Choosing to buy Australian made products means we are supporting our economy and of course the many thousands of workers in our country who depend on us to select Australian made goods and services.

You’ve probably seen the Australian made or Australian grown logos with our green and gold colour standards and the ever-popular Kangaroo which takes many forms and personalities.

You may not be aware of this interesting factoid however; Archaeologists have traced things like place branding or made in statements back to ancient times in fact, we see examples of country of origin appearing on items as far back as 4,000 years. Even back to those early years, traders and merchants understood the value of country of origin and amplified this as a means to encourage preferential purchase of their goods and services.

Recent excavation of a burial tomb in Southern Egypt (Abydos) unearthed an object dating back to 3,000 years BCE (before common era) which shows brand elements that would be familiar to todays modern consumers and may well be the starting point for logos as we know of today.

It really does matter where something has been made. Our country has some of the world’s highest safety standards and quality controls to ensure our products meet the needs and expectations the consumer.

PPC Herbs has a history of over 30 years investment in our country and firmly believes in working with local partners to produce its range of herbal extracts, consumer products and unique ingredients. We support Australian employment and as out products and business grows, so does the opportunity to hire new staff and contribute to our economy.

Currently, Australia is at the forefront of managing a challenging health crisis which has hit the economy savagely. The extent of the crisis is being felt across all industries and we sympathize with our country folk for the impact that this event is having on our country.

By making a choice to seek out products made in Australia and supporting our people and the economy, we can emerge from this challenge in a more comprehensive and cohesive way.

Be safe and stay healthy.