Sinus and Stress – Strange Bedfellows or Are They?

Posted on May 30, 2021

Friends and family with sinus problems will stress to you chronic sinusitis is no minor thing at all. It’s long-term symptoms can lead to fatigue with possible depression or can worsen depression in a few ways.

As weeks of symptoms continue to drag on, the discomfort can really take a toll. If you already struggle with depression, the added stress the symptoms bring on can make it even more challenging.

Sleep issues are common in individuals with chronic sinusitis and not obtaining quality sleep could hurt moods even more. For those of you reading this article and who suffer from nagging sinus problems, you have first-hand experience with just how devious Sinus infections are when it comes to daily activities.

Among the host of negative effects and health conditions that can result from extended periods of stress, most people don’t think of sinus issues as one of those conditions. Stress can absolutely trigger sinus issues.

How does Stress cause Sinus Problems?

Prolonged stress is known to weaken the immune system, making us all more susceptible to a host of diseases. And for sinus sufferers, you become even more vulnerable to common sinus irritants like dust and allergens.  Stress also allows bacteria, viruses, germs, and infections to take hold and create a host of illnesses. Some stress-related infections can attack and break down the cilia in the nose, which normally help guard against infection. Without the cilia, bacteria have a much easier time entering the body and infecting sinuses.

Now, we should emphasize that not all stress will cause health problems on the contrary, a little bit of stress can actually be good for the mind and body. It’s when stress becomes an unleashed angry animal that things go a little awry.

Science has given us a little peak behind the scenes regarding Sinus infections. Many people who suffer from the condition tend to have allergies and some studies have suggested there is a link between allergies and wait for it…. Depression. Bet you didn’t think we’d encounter the dreaded D word and its connection to the Schnoz.. Medical minds are of the opinion that chemical messengers that are inflammation promoting substances are released when exposed to allergens.

Most of us have had a bout of depression, life might seem a bit bleeker and more difficult to manage and to top it off you have this rotten sinus infection to deal with. There is a saying “depression starts and then carries on in a cycle of diminishing circles”. It can take a while to get on top of stress  that adds to depression and it’s so so important that you seek out friends, family or medico’s who can help you address the challenge.

Those with chronic sinusitis and in a depressed state can experience worse sinus pain than those without depression. They also claim to have more difficulty with day-to-day activities and have less energy, both of which are true signs of depression. 

In those with chronic sinusitis, depression is linked with increased antibiotic use, more missed workdays and more doctor visits. Sadly these are not signs of a healthy lifestyle and need to be addressed.

Even when we try our best, stress can still sometimes overwhelm us. Things like regular exercise, proper nutrition, and breathing exercises can help to reduce the impact of stress.

There are also some things that you can do to help your sinus stay healthy under stress.

Avoiding known allergens is a good start. While there’s not always much that you can do about seasonal allergens, you can try to mitigate your exposure. Stay indoors and try to keep your indoor environment clean. Try not to use cleaners with heavy fragrances though, as those can irritate your sinuses.

Keep your nasal passages hydrated. Having some saline nasal sprays handy can help you by avoiding dry, irritated sinuses and helping your sinuses clear themselves easily.

How about engaging in some activities to help take your mind of the sinus and Stress…

  • Get Physical
  • Chill out.. Get the yoga mat out or try some meditative Ommmms
  • Keep that witty sense of humour
  • BBQ with friends and family

Some of nature’s options to deal with Sinus and Stress issues are growing outside your door or available as complementary therapy options.

Herbs have been traditionally used for thousands of years. Our experience with herbal medicines is vast. Australia is recognized internationally for the quality of its practitioners who employ the use of herbs in their treatment programs.

Sinus Plex® and Stress Plex® are two great examples of Australian listed medicines formulated to assist in the relief and support for both Stress and Sinus conditions.

Both products are liquids and because of this, the uptake of the medicine by the body is much faster than tablets or capsules.  When used according to the directions, Sinus Plex® and Stress Plex® will assist the body to overcome symptoms associated with either condition.

There you go, we have a connection between Stress and Sinus and some ideas on how to deal with each issue.

Always speak to your GP or healthcare practitioner when using or considering to use complementary therapies. Symptoms which continue or worsen should not be left unattended so please notify your healthcare provider.

Take time to breathe the fresh air and enjoy everything Earth has to offer for you