Prepping up for Winter – Immune System Support

Posted on February 1, 2021

Ever heard the saying “Be Prepared? for some of us, this was a motto that was emblazoned on a copper belt buckle which was proudly worn around khaki shorts accompanied by long green socks. Indeed, the saying was coined by the right honorable Sir Robert Baden-Powell way back in 1917. It became the standard for Scouts to this very day.

When asked what should we be prepared for, Sir Bob replied by saying “for any old thing”.. Another quirk about the saying is that the initials for “be prepared” BP are also the same as Baden Powell. Coincidence you think? well no,.. Baden – Powell planned it this way as his legacy for the scout movement internationally…

Being prepared and in particular preparing your body for things to come is a pretty useful thing to do. Most if not all athletes know the importance of fine tuning their bodies as a lead up to various strenuous activities. Without this pre-phase training, it is quite possible for athletes to suffer significant injuries which could impact their ability to compete in their chosen sport. Preparation is taking a positive approach to supporting your body at times of impending stress whether it be physical, mental or metabolic.

It may feel like summer has only just started; however, autumn is on the way, which means that winter is just around the corner. Preparing your immune system now so that it is strong and healthy for winter, will give you a better chance of passing through the ‘cold and flu’ season, without getting sick. And if your immune system is strong and you do catch a cold, your symptoms are likely to be less severe and your recovery time faster.

It is important to take care of your immune system throughout the year; however, often it is not until we are unwell, that we acknowledge how being sick can really impact us. Continuously exposed to a variety of infections, bacteria and viruses, our immune system acts as a protective barrier to stop these ‘invaders’ from attacking our cells. Having a fever, although unpleasant, is actually a sign that your body is working hard to defend and protect your body.

While thinking about your own immune system, you may have family members such as older relatives who are more prone to catching flu bugs or coming down with a severe cold. As we age, the immune system begins to deteriorate leaving some unfortunate folk in the unenviable position of struggling with recurrent winter ailments (mainly those of a respiratory nature).

Let’s consider some things that will support the immune system and allow it to function properly or more to the point, ready to fight off invaders such as bacteria or viruses.

Today, our diet may not contain the sufficient levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. First port of call is therefore, consumption of good food such as fresh vegetables and fruits. We are adapted to extract all of the key elements from these food categories and during winter, we go for Vitamin C as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  Zinc and Iron also top the list as key essential elements since Zinc in particular is known for its ability to activate immune cells and inhibit viral replication.

Did you know that 80% of your immune system resides in your digestive tract? Gut flora is the bacteria that lives inside our digestive tract. Using cell communication to influence white blood cells, gut flora has a large role in the strength and defence of our immune system.

What are some of the popular herb-based remedies?

Credited with providing olive trees with their resistance to bacterial damage; Olive Leaf has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It strengthens and supports the immune system and provides antioxidant protection.

Astralagus is considered an immune tonic as it both strengthens and has a restorative effect on the immune system. Stimulating immune cell activity, it enhances the production of antibodies and anti-viral substances.

Echinacea is key in the prevention of winter ills and chills. An immune modulator, Echinacea supports the immune response and is an anti-inflammatory, decreasing bacterial-induced inflammation which helps to support the immune system.

Traditionally used to treat a range of winter-related infections such as sinusitis, bronchitis and influenza, Elderberry has the ability to suppress viral replication, helping our immune systems to protect us and also reducing the duration and severity of ills and chills if we do become ill.

What if you could obtain an herbal medicine that already contains all of the above herbs plus Reishi mushroom in one liquid formula?

IMMUNE PLEX® is a registered Australian Made Herbal Medicine that provides immune support and function to fight illness and relieve symptoms of common colds and flu.  As a liquid formula, IMMUNE PLEX® is rapidly absorbed into the system. Liquids are well accepted as having a more rapid bioavailability than tablets or capsules. Because of its unique ingredients, IMMUNE PLEX® also combines to help the body adapt to times of stress.

As a herbal medicine, IMMUNE PLEX® was developed by herbalists and naturopaths who have a deep understanding of the actions of each herbal ingredient and how these individual herbs help to build a strong and resilient immune system.

We mentioned that the medicine is made in Australia and also produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility guaranteeing quality which today is so important when selecting only the best products for you and your family.

Taste is another key factor for herbal medicines and remedies; IMMUNE PLEX® has a delightful Liquorice flavour. The medicine can be taken either neat or diluted with water or juice.

Being prepared makes great sense. Another fascinating fact about the scouting movement was this little gem, ” Winston Churchill wrote in a piece published in Scouting magazine in 1955. “In the air raids we saw the spectacle of children of 12 and 14 performing with perfect coolness and composure the useful function assigned to them in the streets and public offices.”

Be safe and be healthy but most importantly. BE PREPARED