Nurture Your Healthy Spirit And Perspective…

Posted on July 27, 2020

Nowadays it’s all about keeping things in perspective and finding your way through a maze of concerns since the arrival that unwanted viral visitor to Nurture Your Healthy Spirit.

Perspective is influenced by so many things not the least being everyone’s opinion whether it’s fact, fiction or conspiracy theory. At some point it’s up to the individual to draw a line in the internet sand and come to your own conclusions which by the way you are entirely entitled to.

A person with an individual perspective (right or wrong) is confident in their beliefs and actions. These types seldom sway from their gut feelings and walk with purpose and often avoid situations where they are likely to be confronted with a cascade of differing opinions or argumentative persons. I’ve heard say that there is no winner in an argument, just compromise to move away from an unhealthy environment.

Do you find that you enter a conversation or discussion with a view and then exit that same situation simply confused? It’s quite common and often a case of needing space and air to re-centre yourself to realign your thoughts and those of others.

Somewhat a jumble of words but reflective of how some may view an individual’s approach to self-health and choices of mainstream versus complementary therapies.

A fascinating area of study is in fact technologies that have emerged to sustain life and Nuture your Healthy Spirit. Demographic research suggests that at the beginning of the 19th century, NO country in the world had a life expectancy longer than, wait for it, 40 years!!. If you happened to live in the UK in 1543 you were considered very old if you reached 34 in 2015 that same person was expected to survive until 81!!

We have incredible technologies which are by and large changing at a chaotic pace. But, one area of seemingly steady pace is the use of natural therapies. With up to 3 out of 5 people choosing to use complementary health options and perhaps you are one of them, these options have been around for literally thousands of years, standing the test of time.

Having an open perspective to use of complementary therapies is a very personal matter, it is shared by many and for some their strength in being mindful and active in managing their health needs or dealing health challenges is a healthy thing to do.

Consider some options to Nurture your healthy spirit
• Broaden your mind and explore something that excites you
• Share your passion with a special partner or partners
• Know that your choice in healthy lifestyle is your choice
• Hold your perspective on matters until you find evidence to move your beliefs
• Be calm and others will appreciate being in your presence

There are many more and you have ample lifetime to nurture your gifts.