Isolation Tips To Look Good And Smell Even Better

Posted on April 28, 2020

As the days have dragged by and the thought of another week being isolated from things you miss dearly, it’s time to consider a little bit of a self-analysis check particularly when it comes to personal hygiene, so we have come up with some Isolation Tips.

The clothes that you wore last week and seem Ok to wear this week might be getting a little on the nose and while you can’t smell the lingering aroma of old cheese, others will and its now a wonderful time to attack things on a personal level.

Could we make a few Isolation Tips that will get you ready for the big reveal to the world once the lockdown and social distancing starts to ease off?

  • Hands
    • Got this covered well and truly with Wild® Tranquility and Vitality Hand Wash and our newest release Wild® Hand Santiser
  • Body
    • Running through the shower for a 3-minute splash won’t do much for that body beautiful. A liberal application of Wild® Body Wash will leave you feeling squeaky clean and smelling like a glorious Aussie garden
  • Hair
    • How does the new Dread Lock look suit you? Maybe time that you stopped listening to Bob Marley and hit the shower with Wild® Hair Products. We’ve got a product to suit any hair type as well as Clinical Herbal Shampoos that will sort out those Dreaded Dreadies
  • Moisturise
    • After the big clean routine, you now have that opportunity to pamper or be pampered with Wild® Hand and Body Lotions. The Wild® range are infused with essences of Australia and repair damaged or dry skin with silky soft ingredients.

Celebrate the new found you to family friends by jumping on a video conference and illustrating the fresh new look. We know that your audience won’t be able to appreciate the stunning fragrances of the Wild® products but take it from us; you will feel wonderful after the experience.

There are studies which suggest that even small changes in the life of people who are isolated such as access to simple things like soap or fresh water can make a huge difference at a psychological level…

Ok, now hit some buttons and get your Wild® supply to look good and smell wonderful

Be safe and stay healthy