Traditional Herbal Extracts

The Pharmaceutical Plant Company has 25 years experience in manufacturing and distributing high quality traditional herbal extracts and listed medicines in Australia. PPC is TGA licenced and Certified Organic by ACO and utilises a traditional cold percolation process using ethanol at 25%, 45% or 60% depending on the herb, to produce the extract.

Fresh Plant Tincture

PPC Herbs in collaboration with Marleen Herbs in Tasmania, offers a range of 110 Fresh Plant Tinctures (FPTs) to Australian healthcare practitioners. We are the only TGA certified manufacturer to offer an extensive range of FPTs from Australia that are produced under strict manufacturing and quality conditions. Marleen Herbs is also TGA certified and have also been supplying FPTs to Europe since 1982.

The herbs are independently tested in a world-class, phytopharmaceutical facility at Southern Cross University to ensure the quality of the extract is of the highest standard for use by professional practitioners for their prescribing needs.

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