DETOX – Nearly Time For A Spring Clean

Posted on August 18, 2020

The days are getting longer, the sun shines with more energy and we are fast exiting the chills of winter to welcome Spring.

We’ve been through some tough times and this period of challenge is likely to continue for some time in the future. To that end, as we regroup with the arrival of Spring, it may well be time to spoil your body by kicking off with a little Detox program.

Herbs support detoxification in many ways. Some botanical beauties help to remove toxins from the body which is best illustrated by how some plants increase sweating and urination. Yes, sweating and peeing represent nature’s way of eliminating toxins from our wonderful human form.

The actions which herbs perform are not fully understood however; after many thousands of years of use, herbs do play an important role in aiding the body to remove unwanted toxins.

Plants are incredible organisms; they are both complex in their structure and contain literally hundreds of thousands of interacting compounds. The study of Phytotherapy is all about understanding plants and their construction and furthermore, revealing the secrets of the amazing compounds within each plant that can support us in fighting and dealing with common illnesses.

When you’re considering a short DETOX plan or perhaps taking a longer-term view of the process; here’s some ideas on a few fantastic Herbs that can support your goals.


Standing at the front of the queue is our ever-popular Dandelion Root. The leaf helps to detoxify the urinary tract by increasing urinary flow. The root part of the plant has ‘bitter’ compounds which support the liver. Dandelion is also effective on the ducts which secrete pancreatic enzymes into bile and the digestive system. This herb really does hold a lot of promise as a possible one stop shop of Detox.


One you may not be familiar with but renowned as one of the best liver remedies. It acts as a liver tonic to protect, support and repair liver damage. Also, a great defender of the gall bladder so definitely a herb that should form part of your shopping list.


Now this is a really exciting herb to speak about. There is so much work being investigated on this plant which covers an enormous field of therapeutic benefits covering a whole host of disease areas. Turmeric with its onboard compound cousins the Curcuminoids is a powerful antioxidant with a specificity to help the liver and enhance bile flow. Turmeric also provides some real benefits as an antiinflammation agent.

You will recognize in this short overview that detox is about protecting and supporting the liver which is the bodies main organ for cleaning the bloodstream and removing toxins. While other organs of the body perform their own detox process, the Liver is our number one defender and needs all the help we can muster to make sure we aren’t overloading it with way to many jobs to keep us healthy.

While you don’t want to embark on your Detox program facing an army of individual herbal products, there are premixes available in the form of liquid herbal medicines ready to go off the shelf from your friendly health food store or available online.  Taking a premix has a great deal of benefits since you are taking advantage of the knowledge of natural therapists who have created effective formulations that are provided in dose correct forms.

Kick off Spring with a new healthy You… Do some online research and identify a product/s that you want to add to your daily routine, and we are sure you will feel the benefits going forward.

Be Safe and Stay Healthy.