Can You Spare 20 Seconds?

Posted on March 12, 2020

The Power Of Herbal Handwash.

Lately, we have been hit with some very difficult health challenges which relate to management and containment of infectious viruses

Washing Your Hands Is The Most Effective Health Practice You Can Do..

The Australian Health Authority recommends that frequent washing of hands is an extremely efficient way of reducing the transmission of viruses. The spread of viruses is typically caused by droplets of infected moisture that comes from sneezing or coughing with infected material coming into contact with people or these droplets landing on surfaces and then touched by uninfected people who then touch their face.

Use of hand sanitizers are recommended or spending a minimum of 20 seconds washing hands with appropriate cleansers.

Sometimes use of hand wash soaps can cause skin dryness and irritation.

At PPC Herbs, we want to make that 20 seconds a really pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Our Vitality® and Tranquility® Hand Washes are perfumed using essential oils which give a stunning bouquet of Australiana. The gentle nature of these washes wont damage sensitive skin and are packaged in easy to use pump packs for economic dispensing.

Bacteria and Viral pathogens are removed each time you wash your hands which protects you and your family from potential infective agents.

Visit the PPC Herbs web site – and check out Wild® Tranquility and Wild® Vitality Hand Washes…

You will enjoy 20 seconds of hand washing when you introduce your hands to the experience of Wild® Hand Wash.

Our products are Made In Australia so can trust our guarantee of quality Be Safe and Be Healthy