Herbal Medicines

The Plex Range


The range of PPC Herbal Plexs are suitable for a number of common health ailments. If you are looking for a natural solution to treat different medical conditions, prepare your body to fight seasonal conditions, or just to increase your immune system and well-being, the Plex range is an ideal solution for you.

Our herbs are extracted with ethanol for maximum efficiency in leaching out the active ingredients. When taken under the tongue, alcohol based mixtures are quickly absorbed. Their fast action can begin to heal within 10 minutes of being swallowed.

Suitable for both adults and children, each remedy comes in a liquid form making them easy to swallow and can be diluted in water or fruit juice.

PPC has developed a range of herbal liquid plexs that can be used by the whole family to reduce the symptoms of the following common conditions:

NEW Herbal Joint-Plex: aids in the management of painful and restrictive joint conditions

NEW Herbal Energy-Plex: to enhance physical and mental performance, and to provide assistance in times of fatigue, debility or stress

NEW Herbal Sinus-Plex: for hayfever and allergic rhinitis plus to relieve the symptoms of cold, flu or sore throat

NEW Herbal Immune-Plex: for compromised immune systems increasing energy and vitality

Herbal Cough-Plex: reduces bronchial cough, cold and influenza

Herbal Sleep-Plex: creates a calming effect during stress or those with trouble sleeping

Herbal Stress-Plex: relieves stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety

Herbal Liver-Plex: increases digestive function and reduces bloating

Herbal Fluid-Plex: a mild diuretic for a gentle detox of the kidneys

Herbal TriPlex: a defence against worms and other parasites

Herbal Canda-Plex: for fungal overgrowth

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Supplements & Herbal Products

Our range of herbal medicine and herbal products by PPC Herbs aim to improve the quality of life by easing, treating and preventing common conditions, illnesses and diseases. The Herbal Plex range is a natural liquid range of herbal medicine, where the herbs are extracted for maximum efficiency to create a fantastic range of herbal supplements. The absorption process for all our herbal medicine ensures fast action and easy to swallow. We offer herbal medicines and herbal supplements for coughs, cold and flu remedies, insomnia, kidney problems, liver problems, chronic fatigue treatment and intestinal worms to name but a few. Need to know how to overcome anxiety? We can help with that, too. The herbal products are all natural treatments so you can feel confident you are doing the best thing by your body and you can feel comfortable giving them to your family.

PPC Herbs aims to improve your quality of life. If you need any extra information on any of the herbal products or treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us today.