Herbal Medicines

Based on our research and our experience we developed a core range of condition based Herbal Plexs

  • To alleviate illness or disease
  • To prevent illness or disease
  • To improve quality of life
  • The Herbal Plex range has been developed to address the key ailments experienced by male and female consumers.
  • The range was developed after surveying the significant health problems of patients Australia wide.
  • The products cover the relief of on-going /recurring problems as well as sporadic / seasonal problems.
  • Each remedy in the “Plex” range is easy to take, effective and pleasant tasting.

Why Herbal Liquids

Fast Acting:

  • Our herbs are extracted with ethanol for maximum efficiency in leaching out the active ingredients. When taken under the tongue, alcohol based mixtures are quickly absorbed. Their fast action can begin to heal within 10 minutes of being swallowed.

Easy to Swallow:

  • The liquids are easy to swallow either diluted in water or fruit juice. Many consumers find tablets difficult to swallow while many others complain of indigestion.