A cough is defined as a sudden and often repetitively occurring reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages from secretions, irritants, foreign particles and microbes. Coughing can indicate the presence of disease.

PPC Herbs offers Cough Plex
as a Natural Herbal Treatment


The cough reflex consists of three phases: an inhalation, a forced exhalation against a closed glottis and a violent release of air from the lungs following opening of the glottis, usually accompanied by a distinctive sound. Coughing can happen voluntarily as well as involuntarily.


  • Respiratory tract infection (bacterial or viral)
  • Environmental causes such as, smoking, air pollution or a foreign body
  • Chronic conditions such as asthma, gastric reflux, chronic bronchitis, heart failure

Cough Plex combines the following blend of traditional Herbs consisting of:

  • Horehound leaf is an expectorant which helps move excess mucus from the lungs while relieving involuntary contractions of the smooth muscle.
  • Liquorice root is an expectorant and anti-inflammatory, reducing the irritation of mucous surfaces of the respiratory tract.
  • Sage Leaf is a natural antiseptic and reduces inflammation of mucous membranes.
  • Thyme leaf is especially indicated when there is a productive cough. It also has antiseptic and antimicrobial benefits.
  • Ginger root relaxes smooth muscle contraction and helps with highly expectorant coughs.