Herbal PMS-Plex

Relieves pre-menstrual symptoms of pain and cramping.

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For the temporary relief of pre-menstrual symptoms/syndrome & period cramps.

Each 2mL contains dry herb equivalent to:

  • Cramp bark, Viburnum opulus 400mg
  • Chaste tree fruit, Vitex agnus castus 300mg
  • Dong quai root, Angelica polymorpha 300mg
  • Lemon Balm leaf, Melissa officinalis 100mg
  • St. John’s Wort flower, Hypericum perforatum 100mg
  • Glycerol


Adult: 2-5mL at the onset of pre-menstrual symptoms and during period

Shake bottle well before use


Consult your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist. St John’s Wort affects the way some prescription medicines work including the oral contraceptive pill. Consult your doctor. Contains Ethanol.


‘The PMS Plex was recommended to me and after my first cycle I am virtually period pain free. The highest of recommendations, I am looking forward to trying your other products’. Loretta, Vic