At Inner Cleansing Health Clinics we specialise in inner health and digestive issues. We conduct thorough research on every product to ensure we provide only the very best quality and proven natural supplementation for our clients. We think six products from PPC Herbs are extremely effective in promoting optimal internal health.

  • Canda-Plex is a brilliant formulation for combating fungal infection.
  • Flu-Plex reduces the severity of a cold or flu with added anti-inflammatory benefits for overall wellness.
  • Fluid-Plex complements other treatments amazingly well in detoxification of the kidneys and easing of internal discomfort.
  • Liver-Plex supplement for liver detoxification has worked amazingly well at easing bloating in some of our clients.

We have seen the Stress-Plex formulation relieve people’s worries, ultimately freeing them up to become more productive!

Finally the Tri-Plex supplement is our go-to in the fight against parasites and we have seen miraculous results in very short periods with this.

We are and will continue to be advocates of PPC Herbs because they deliver great results and our clients will agree.

Melanie Thewlis